Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Welcome to the Grand Theater
Here is a lot of information you will be interested to know about our space and capabilities as a renter or visiting artist. I hope this page will answer your questions but if you still have some I would be happy to talk anytime. Our Office phone number is 207-667-5911 or you can reach me through email at The 3D stage model of our theater is a google sketchup model which is a free downloadable program at If you would prefer there are jpegs showing the different views of our space as well as one with dimension written on it.

1. Under NO circumstances are we allowed to have open flame of ANY kind on the stage or in thehouse. These are State of Maine Statutes and not up for negotiations.

2. No atmospheric effects such as fog, CO2, dry ice or hazers. These WILL set off the fire alarms and stop the show while everyone evacuates. (I am working on replacing the sensors but for now this is the rule.)

The Grand Theater has a decent size acting area with many acts performing in front of the main curtain. We have a hard Cyclorama for the back wall. One advantage to this is that you may attach a set to the back wall if needed as well as permission to attach to the floor for stability. There are abundant Edison power outlets across the front lip of the stage for things like music stand lights and projectors. There are 8 batons upstage of the proscenium, 3 are used for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd electric. Curtain pull is SR. There is one dressing room SR 1st floor and another one 2nd floor SL for use as well as a crossover downstairs and upstairs. The loading door is on the 2nd floor SR with a spot to hand things down, any other items can be rolled through the lobby and house to the stage front. There is one bathroom backstage SL but during a performance should not be flushed due to lack of sound proofing. Please see attached file for complete dimensions of the stage space.


There is a standard rep plot for the stage based on acting areas and side lighting. We are using a modified Stanley Mackanlis plot with a warm and cool side. Due to limited dimmer space they are not separated but paired together warm and cool, one area, one channel. There are two 40 degree Shakespears paired, two baby zooms independently circuited and a 30 degree shakespear on FOH1 for specials. Any more than that will need to be rented from your place of choice. The same goes for cable (stage pin) as we have a very limited supply. We have 3 dimmer racks with a total of 60 2.4K dimmers. The dimmers are an ETC 24 and 12 dimmer sensor pack with a second ETC 24 rack located on the second floor for instruments upstage of the main. Our light board is the ETC Element 60/500 with USB and dual screens. Our house lighting is independent of the board with control points at the light booth and projector booth. We have 1 follow spot in the projector booth that is 1500W but is dim in comparison when full stage light is up due to throw distance. The diagrams provided show the acting areas on the floor as well as a regular light plot. The program used for the plot is LX Free from java.

Our Sound system is split in two, one for film and one for live. We can support up to 4 monitor mixes with our current amplifiers. There are two monitors backstage for those who wish to use them but they will by necessity use up one of the monitor amps from the stage. The board here at The Grand is a Mackie Onyx Series 80. It has 32 channels, 8 Group channels, 8 stereo channels and 8 Aux channels. There is a single tray CD player and effects box hooked up to the system with a channel for ipod/computer. The speakers all use Neutrix (Speakon) for their connections. For sound equipment we have:

3 DI boxes
1 Nady SP-5 talk back mic
1 SM 58’s
3 SM Beta 58’s
4 SM 57’s
2 SM 81’s
2 MXL 990’s
1 87C Beta

Our projector is a NEC-3240s and all information about that projector can be found HERE.

If you have any further questions about our facility please contact me and I will respond as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Peter Miller
Technical Director
Grand Theater
165 Main St.
Ellsworth, Me. 04605

Stage Lighting and Technical Specs for The Grand

PDF Doc STAGE LIGHTING SCHEMATIC – Click on the image to view the pdf of our lighting schematic.
PDF Doc Dimmer Schedule – Click on the image to view the Excel of our Dimmer Schedule.
thumb_AudienceView Pipe Schedule – Click on the image to view a larger jpg of our pipe schedule.
thumb_AudienceView STAGE AUDIENCE VIEW – Click on the image to view a larger jpg of the audience view of our stage.
thumb_BirdsEyeView STAGE BIRDS EYE VIEW – Click on the image to view a larger jpg of the birds eye view of our stage.
thumb_Dimension STAGE DIMENSIONS – Click on the image to view the pdf.
thumb_LightingAreas STAGE LIGHTING AREAS – Click on the image to view the pdf.
Download Zip File SkecthUp Files – Click to download the skp and skb files.