CLYNK Community Cash Program

CLYNK Community Cash

What is CLYNK?
Founded in 2006, CLYNK is the easy and convenient way to redeem empty bottles and cans. With CLYNK’s easy bag drop system, users can quickly drop off their CLYNK bags filled with empty bottles and cans at a CLYNK bag drop inside their local grocery store. To date, CLYNK is available inside Hannaford supermarket locations in Maine and New York.

CLYNK is the only bottle redemption system that allows you to create a personal account, accumulate a balance and use your money whenever you decide, or you can donate to a local charity right on our website. CLYNK’s unique database also lets you track your personal environmental impact every time you drop a bag at a CLYNK bag drop.

In addition, CLYNK offers unique community programs such as Hannaford Community Cash and an annual school recycling contest that make fundraising for nonprofits and schools easier than ever before. CLYNK allows you to save time, money and the environment.

How does this involve The Grand?

CLYNK offers a Community Cash Program that works specifically with non-profit organizations to help raise funds while helping to clean up the environment.

How Can I Help?

1.) Stop by The Grand any time during normal box office hours and ask for a CLYNK bag. We will hand you an envelope containing a CLYNK bag and a barcode sticker to attach to the bag.

2.) Once you receive the bag, fill up the bag with your own bottles and cans.

3.) Attach the barcode sticker from the envelope to the bag in its designated spot.

4.) Bring the bag to Hannafords and drop it off at their CLYNK station.

Bag it, Tag it, Drop it